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What other professionals say about us – train with confidence. Getting the environment right… the right direction!

ABC awarding body is well recognised in the North West as one of the largest bodies in the United Kingdom. Courses we currently offer from this awarding body are Counselling Concepts level 2, Certificate in Counselling skills level 3 and counselling Diploma level 4.

ABC qualifications meet the criteria of the qualifications curriculum authority.

Counselling and psychotherapy central awarding body (CPCAB) is a specialised awarding body managed by professional practitioners, supervisors, trainers etc. It is the only awarding body run by counsellors for counsellors. We offer a level 5 counselling and psychotherapy CPCAB course and a level 6 supervision course.


Diploma in Counselling level 4 – 2016 course end feedback

The Level 4 course has also been delivered exceedingly well.”
ABC moderator 216

Teaching of high standard by well qualified and experienced tutors

[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Well-organized files
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Declarations of Authenticity included
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Check lists included & completed
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Evidence well signposted
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Feedback from tutors & IV – signed and dated
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Referrals and resubmissions included in files
[themify_icon icon_color=”#F39600″ style=”large” icon=”fa-check”]Clear sampling plan


This teaching team is highly valued by students

“Regular reviews are carried out and necessary adjustments made to course delivery and resourcing.

For instance, some thought is going to be given to how the residential at level 4 can be linked to the criteria for unit T/601/7634 (Self-awareness for counsellors) in order to provide primary and secondary evidence for that unit. The tutors are fully aware that some students find analysis and evaluation difficult. They hope to address some of those learning issues in the review.”
ABC moderator

“The Level 3 course has been covered soundly. There is a clear sampling plan and the internal moderator comments to the assessor are valid. The feedback to students is sufficiently detailed when referenced to criteria on the marking sheet.”
ABC moderator

CPCAB – supervision course report 2016

“A huge surprise to see that the centre has re-located to new premises since my last visit in April. The new premises are a few doors away from the old leased premises and has been purchased by Diane.

This has enabled Diane to make major renovations and turn what was a dilapidated building into a well restored, pleasant and welcoming centre which is clean and comfortable.

It is remarkable just how much work Dianne and Julie have done in making the transition to the new premises. Good to see that there is an increased number of TCSU-L6 candidates this year who are benefitting from the work that has been done.”

The group spoke highly of Diane and Julie’s work and feel settled in on what is their fourth weekend of the course.

“Credit to Diane and Julie for what has been achieved in taking on what has been a substantial amount of work over this last year and still maintaining quality of training. The results look to have been worth the effort and the centre is now firmly set up for present and future counselling work, training and the centres other activities. The group are clearly adding to their substantial counselling experience through the quality supervision training being provided and although the group is in its early stages, there is substantial work already being done.

Congratulations Diane and Julie and best wishes in the continuing success of your courses at the new centre.

Both the group and tutors have clarity in what is required for external assessment for this qualification.”

The group spoke of feeling supported and prepared for submitting the external case review through doing practice assignments.

“There is a high level of tutor experience available and plans for completing the external case reviews are set out in the course programme schedule. Well set up training space is available enabling candidates to prepare and practice.

There are no outside invigilators required for this course and both tutors are aware of how to support candidates requiring additional support. There were no candidates reported as needing any reasonable adjustment or special consideration. The centre makes use of extension permission forms which flag up any individual concerns prior to work being submitted.

Individual tutor support is extensive and tutors are available for contact through email. Assignments are focused on assisting candidates to prepare for the external assessment.”
CPCAB moderator 2016

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