CPCAB Level 6 Supervision Course

Supervision Training level 6. The Centre offers a CPCAB level six certificate in therapeutic counselling supervision (TCSU-L6). It is accredited by the qualifications & curriculum authority (Ofqual). The qualification is for candidates who want to learn skills in order to use clinical supervision for counsellors. The course length is 90 guided learning hours which is offered in weekend blocks. Candidates are expected to be reflective counsellors ready to embrace this next stage of their journey.

“The supervisors role is not just to reassure the worker, but to allow the emotional disturbance to be felt within the safer setting of the supervisory relationship” Hawkins & Shohet


Entry requirements-

  • Candidate to have completed a diploma in counselling totaling 450 guided learning hours and have two years post qualifying experience.
  • Or have one year’s post qualifying experience and a CPCAB level 5 qualification.
  • Must be in current practice as a counsellor.
  • Candidate to be receiving supervision for their practice in accordance with BACP guidelines.

Assessment is via candidate portfolio and an externally assessed case review (3,000-3,500 words).

Supervision is the place in my work where I can be at my most free ranging -playful, free to think aloud, able to comment on the process, challenge, take a journey into the unknown. Then there is the opposite side when I really have to hold the boundaries, own my own authority and risk the good relationship for the sake of the truth. Hawkins & Shohet.


“Good supervision amongst other tasks is getting the balance right in the relationship” Hawkins & Shohet

CTC Candidates must gain supervision work experience in order to apply learnings from the course. (This is currently a minimum of 15 hours)

Supervisory supervision-
Requirements are that the candidate receives a minimum of five one to one supervisory supervision hours with an experienced senior supervisor. Alternatively, group supervision can be formed adjusting hours as per ethical standards.

The cost of the course is £1,300.
The awarding body fee is £ 327.00 (subject to change).
Supervision dates

Sunday 19th May 2019
22nd/23rd June 2019
20th/21st July 2019
31st Aug/1st Sep 2019
28th/29th Sep 2019
26th/ 27th Oct 2019
23rd/24th Nov 2019
14th /15th Dec 2019

Times 10am – 5pm

Email us   Call 01925 235141

Level 6 Supervision Application Form

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