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Do I need any prior qualifications for the counselling concepts course?
No although you will need to be able to word process your work and have an ability to engage with the course.

Do I need references ?
Yes for the certificate in skills course level 3 you will need one from your previous tutor. For the level 4 diploma we again need a reference from your previous tutor plus a charactor reference.

Can I pay by instalment?
Yes a payment plan can be provided

Will I be BACP accredited as a counsellor when I finish my diploma?
No there is a lot of misunderstanding about this, all students when they have sucessfully completed their diploma will be qualified counsellors. After qualifying counsellors wishing to become accredited counsellors need to gain further hours, currently 450 hours, to enable you to apply for accreditation.

Do I need to be on a BACP accredtied course in order to be a accredited counsellor?
No, however you do need to be on a course that is recognised as being substancial enough , this is usually one that is validated by a recognised awarding body.

When can I train as a supervisor?
You will need experience to become a supervisior and undertake this challenging and rewarding role. The requirements are 450 hours of counselling practice and an ability to recruit supervsee’s in order to put the learning into practice.

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