Our Website Goes Live Today, We Are Excited

Cheshire Therapy Centre aims to be an excellent facilitating platform for professionals passionate about therapeutic counselling. With our expanding curriculum and widening student base, we wanted to reach out to more people looking for quality learning programmes.

We approached Blue Whale Media with our website needs and vision. Thanks to the web design company, we now have an awesome website. We are excited to announce the launch of our new website.

We welcome you to visit our website and experience the following features:

Mobile-Friendly Design

We want to give users visiting our website through any device, a fantastic experience. So, whether you are using a standard desktop, laptop, or a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll be able to view our website the way it is.

Our website evaluates your device screen size and adjusts itself perfectly to suit the screen. So, forget the frustrating movements of zooming, scrolling and resizing the website to your screen!

With this design, our website will be faster to download on your device, no matter the screen size. You’ll be able to view key information related to our educational programmes of interest to you, effortlessly.

You’ll also be able to use functionalities such as login access, maps, click to call or message and get transferred to our social page directly from the website, without an ounce of difficulty.

Content that Tells what you Want

We understand web visitors mostly scan content. So, we have used custom slides, images, and text, to convey information in an engaging and efficient manner. A glance at the webpage is enough to receive most of the important details. This way, you’ll not miss any key information that may serve a purpose for you.

To enable you to take faster action, we have placed clear calls-to-action at prominent positions on the webpage. So, once you have all required information to make a decision, you can easily take the next step without wasting any time.

A Simple and User-Friendly Navigation

We want you to visit our websites and get the information you want with minimal clicks. So, we have made it simple and time-saving for you to move through our website.

We have positioned menu headers and familiar sections such as About Us, Courses and Contact on top of the webpage. The familiar logo-click takes you to the homepage from existing page.

Quick links are available to give you a summary of our courses. You can click each specific section for more information.

Our aim is to inspire learners to continue their process of learning and give them easy access to high-quality learning programmes. Our website is a reflection of this philosophy.

So, how do you like our website? Let us know. We’re waiting.